KeepMeHome participates in the Adult Family Living program.

With the Adult Family Living (AFL) program, a family member can be paid to stay home and take care of their loved one. This can be a life changing service for individuals that have elderly, or disabled family members at home whose care needs can impact their ability to work. You can provide care for your loved one and not have to sacrifice your paycheck. Clients with our AFL program also have the support of a designated office member who provide weekly check-ins.

Introduction to Program

  • KeepMeHome is proud to be a participant in the Adult Family Living (AFL) program.
  • Adult Family Living is a service that allows a family member, close friend, or any other qualifying individual to provide 24 hour, live in care for up to 3 loved ones and be compensated in the form of a nontaxable weekly payment (amount differs based on the level of care).
  • Caregivers are paid for work that in most cases, they are already doing on a daily basis.

Do I qualify?

  • Clients must be 65 or older and qualify financially for Medicaid benefits.
  • Client must be enrolled in the CT Homecare Program for Elders
  • Clients must require a certain level of care. This could range from needing reminders and cueing in daily tasks, to requiring heavier hands on care.

Caregiver Requirements

  • Must be over 18 years of age
  • Must be committed to living with and providing 24 hour care/supervision for the client.
  • Must be capable of monitoring the client, documenting information, and reporting any concerns or changes to the Nurse or office staff, and noting it on their weekly timesheet.