Connecticut Licensed Home Health Care CT - Keep Me Home®

At KeepMeHome®, we understand the importance of living as independently as possible in your own home. It is more than logistics. There are intangibles that make it special, bring comfort and security for a quality of life that is unparalleled.
However, you never know when a situation, illness or injury could arise that will jeopardize the ability of an individual to stay in their home. That's why KeepMeHome® Care Coordinators are on call all day, any time — 24/7 — and can provide same-day assessments. Each day, we help hundreds of elderly, disabled and convalescing individuals and families — just like yours.
The home health care CT team at KeepMeHome® team is focused on identifying and meeting the needs of those who come to us for assistance with quality care and compassion. Our staff is insured, bonded, screened, tested and trained. And, you'll find our services to be dependable, responsive, flexible and very affordable.

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